She looked like art, and art wasn't supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something. - Eleanor and Park

I am a mess of thoughts brought about by or increased by twelve Korean men. I relieve my frustrations by writing about said men about make-believe events or things that they should do but shouldn't because it's probably illegal. I read to quench my thirst for knowledge and to be inspired and to enhance my writing abilities and because I'm also bored and I have nothing to do so what better to do than read, right?

p.s i love kyungsoo he's mine p.p.s. when will it be possible to have sex with voices (specifically kyungsoo's, jonghyun's, kyuhyun's, chen's and baekhyun's)

baekhyun stroking luhan’s face (◐ o ◑ )

Me?Books and Cleverness



tao’s badass random rap in both english and chinese during the ending talk in TLP in Changsa 14/07/27 [vid]

listen to my freestyle~

有人骂我制造谣言 想让我伤心 失去自信

(haters insulting me and spreading rumors to make me sad and unconfident)

don’t be naive~ this is my life

and i’m fine!

我不会就这样轻易的 go die huh

(i will not easily go die like this huh)

your life is loser

so don’t waste your time on making rumors

Play it on a slow jam
This is my property
Tell me what is love

Suho - airport fashion vs blonde/pink

Inter-departmental memos
'Several paper aeroplanes swooped into the lift. Harry stared up at them as the flapped idly around above his head; they were a pale violet colour and he could see Ministry of Magic stamped along the edge of their wings.'

353/500 exo airport appearance


Sehun - 140601 EXO from Exoplanet #1 - The Lost Planet in Hong Kong

Credit: Sehunholic.

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